My weekend
June 19, 2007
For all the naughty abies/sissies
June 21, 2007
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Will this rain ever let up ??

Well first of all I want to tell all my abies sorry for not keeping up on my blog , I have been very busy making all of my new baby blankets and abie onsies and all , but I cross my heart I will be doing it much more now. Hmm WOW have we had some weather tonight they say over 75mph hour winds tons of lightning and horrible rain all night so much it has kept me out of bed all night. I am now just hoping all the pretty flowers I planted the other day dont get washed away heck that was a lot of hard work I would hate to have to do it all over again. As for now I think I am going to climb back into my warm bed and try to close my eyes and have some sweet dreams. Sweet Dreams to all my abies out there !!
                                             Mommy Lauren

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