Nap Time
November 22, 2008
Remember Those Who Serve Our Country
November 24, 2008

Hope all my abies are ready to feast,
Mommy Sara, bake me my favorite goodies please!
A turkey leg for you,
a turkey wing for me,
Wonder what other treats mommy Sara might bring.
Stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoe pie, and rolls,
let mommy fill up your bowls.
Cranberry sauce and a green bean casserole,
ought oh a mouse just ran from behind the stove.
Let’s eat while its hot,
or little abie may get a swat.
Now clean your plates,
and do not haste.
For dessert will be served soon,
all my little ones grab your spoons.
Let mommy sara turn up the heat,
here comes mommy with your yummy sweets.
Now that we’re all stuffed and full,
Let’s snuggle up underneath mommys comforter.

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