Role Reversal
December 4, 2007
Hello my darlings.
December 4, 2007

sweet-smile.jpg  That is what I am basically, a MILF.  You know what that means right? If not, look it up (see I am a Mom lol).  I get looks from the older teenage boys on my street all the time, of course it helps that I dress a little bit; how can I say this in a nice manner; on the skimpy side.  I even have very vivid fantasies about some of them, how it would be to take one under my wing, and into my bed and teach them a thing or two.  Does that make me sound bad? lol.  I hope not, because I’m not bad, I’m very very very VERY good at what I do.  To find out, just give me a call sometime and see for yourself.



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