Just Saying Hello
November 16, 2007
I love bad little ones
November 16, 2007

crissy.jpg  Sometimes, people in this world are too PC. I read yesterday that the Santa’s at the mall are not allowed to say Ho, Ho, Ho anymore, they have to say Ha, Ha, Ha.  Why? Because apparently, some guy wearing a red velvet suit with white fluffy trim saying Ho, Ho, Ho is offensive to women!  How stupid are people? This world is becoming more and more ‘anti-freedom’, everyone is afraid of hurting other people’s feelings, now do not get me wrong, should you make fun of people? Or hate people because of their station in life? NO! But having to monitor your words in a conversation or in your writing just so you don’t accidently offend someone is rediculious.  No wonder this world is full of whiners and boo hoo’ers, nobody has a tough skin anymore.  Anyway, back to what started this tangent, the Ho, Ho, Ho’ing of Santa.  I just think if you are offended by him saying Ho ho ho, then more then likely you are one, and having him going Ha ha ha at little kids is sooooooooooo much better at elevating their self esteem!


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