Nosey Neighbor
December 4, 2007
Role Reversal
December 4, 2007

lacy.jpg  How many of you like to be regressed? I love to be regressed.  I did a little session with Mommy Crissy the other day and she did an age regression fantasy with me, and I have to tell you, I just loved it.  She had me going from being a college student who was failing my psych. class (you don’t know how true to life that is lol), to the sweetest little baby girl in no time.  She has a very soft voice and I started to get very sleepy lol.  I think she tried to hypno me, but it was still fun, and I was made to feel like I was a real little baby.  Amazing.  I can’t wait to try another Mommy too, and I am also pretty good at doing the age regression stuff myself *hint hint* lol.

Everyone’s Baby Girl


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