Fixing Bad Abies
October 26, 2007
October 27, 2007

rachel.jpgListen, you!  I have seen how you behave around your Mother and it’s unacceptable!  You don’t do what you are told and you do everything you’ve been told not to do.  I can tell when I’ve got a problem on my hands and it looks like that’s what I’m dealing with.  I know your Mommy is just waaayyyyy too nice.  She doesn’t like to see you cry when she punishes you but rest assured, Nanny Rachel is not so kind.  I don’t care if you cry and sob and scream and yell.  When you misbehave, I am going to be there to set you straight and when Nanny Rachel teaches you a lesson, you won’t forget it!
Call Nanny Rachel now and learn what your Mommy can’t teach you.

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