Take Me Back
December 4, 2007
The Mom Next Door
December 4, 2007

crissy.jpg  First I would like to say thank you for mentioning me in your post Lacy, you are a very sweet little baby girl.  Lacy’s post reminded me, that sometimes we here like a little role reversal.  Perhaps the next time you call you can turn the tables on a Mommy, Sitter, Baby Girl, Auntie, Nanny or Granny.  What I mean is, maybe a Mommy isn’t a Domme Mommy so she might not get asked to do these types of calls, but maybe, just maybe she is really good at them.  Or just the opposite, maybe a Domme Mommy would like to be submissive a time or two.  The point is, do not let bios stop you from talking to someone just because it doesn’t state what you are into.  Give that girl a call, you just might be very surprised at how good your call is.

Mom Crissy

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