granny minnie
November 22, 2007
Still eating leftovers!
November 25, 2007

Mommy Lauren just loves taking good care of little ABies, but sometimes, sometimes Mommy needs to have her batteries recharged. That is when Mommy takes little Nelson to his grandparents and takes a day or two to recharge.
How do I recharge? Sometimes, just time spent to myself with a good book is enough to recharge my spirit. Other times when my batteries are running near empty, more drastic measures are necessary. In those instances, I will slip away for a day or two to a little cabin in the woods. There, I can pass the time just lazing away or choose another mind-clearing activity.  A small hike will always clear the mind. Ahh, time spent in a hot tub can be so invigorating and rejuvenating. Sometimes, I just go there to write in my journal and listen to the sounds of silence.
After my batteries are recharged, then I am ready to face the real world again. Mommy Lauren returns to give little Abies everywhere the much needed attention they so rightfully deserve.

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