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October 11, 2008
Fall Colors
October 12, 2008

The boy was young and full of energy; he bounced from one room to the next. Mommy told the boy to stop being so rambunctious, but he just would not listen. He entered his mother’s room and opened up her drawer, he loved the site of her shinny under garments, they were silky, shinny, and oh such pretty colors. He quickly unclothed himself so he could put a pair of mommy’s best pink panties and matching bra on. He knew he had to hurry or his mother would wonder why he was being so quite and might catch him. As he rushed to put his pants back on over the silk pink panties he stumbled and knocked into his mothers perfume bottles making a loud crashing sound. BOY, he heard his mother shout….what are you into now? The boy stood frozen as the bedroom door began to open………..

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