Where The Heck Is Everyone?
October 3, 2007
One Hot Older Woman
October 3, 2007

katie.jpg  As you can see by the title of this entry, I’m looking for a Daddy or a Mommy to call me to be mine.  I’m a good baby girl, I listen really well, but I have to admit sometimes ~giggle~ I can be a little handful. I am very loving and kind and love to spend time with a special Daddy or Mommy.  I wear cloth and disposable diapers, and sometimes I like when someone takes the time to give me a loving spanking for being a little naughty ~giggle~.  I also like to dress up for that special someone.  So if you are reading this, and want a baby girl to call your own, for phone play only, then please call me, because this baby girl is feeling rather lonely 🙁 .

Your Baby Girl,


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