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June 18, 2007
Will this rain ever let up ??
June 19, 2007
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My weekend

My weekend was fabulous. I had lots of fun and interesting calls. And on Saturday evening I went to the playdate that I mentioned in my earlier blogs. I had alot of fun. I met several ab/dl couples and I met a single AB boy. He was very sweet and easy to talk to. He was very interested in my work (if you wanna call it “work” heehee) with phoneamommy. Everyone there was very nice and made me feel welcome. I am sure they will invite me out again. I am also going to be seeing the AB boy again later on in the week. He even mentioned calling me at phoneamommy sometime. For all my other boys out there don’t worry theres enough of mommy’s love to go around. You are all very special to me ;). I’m ready for a good week with lots of calls!

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