Mommy Maggy LOVES her ABIes!
December 3, 2007
School Pictures
December 4, 2007

Of course mommy had to buy me a new dress to wear when I go to see santa. And ever since she dressed me and her sissy baby up like twins for halloween she has got it in her head to do it again. *giggles* Soooo mommy went to the dress maker lady, that makes some of my dresses, and picked out the fabric and trim and stuff. So me and Ginny (thats the sissies name) are gonna have matching red velvet dresses in white lace trim and patton leather belts and shoes! Then we will have pictures made with Santa. We have to go to santas house since most people would freak out if a big baby girl and baby sissy showed upin the mall. *giggles* But thats ok cause we get special time with santa.

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