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July 17, 2007
July 19, 2007
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Mommys best little helper

My mommy bought me a new dress and plastic pants this week! I look so pretty, pretty.*twirl* I just had to show off for all the abies, they were so excited. Then I read them a nice long story. Before their nap, I breast fed them just like my mommy does and gave them all a nice diaper change before they went off to sleppyhead land. I use lots of vaseline and powder on their cute lil butts. I love takeing care of my mommies adult babies. Being a ‘big girl’ for my mommy and doing the best job I can. I also love to baby sit for other mommies too. Would’nt you just love to come play with me and see what a good babysitter I can be. We will have lots of naughty fun when your mommy is away. *giggles* I know just what games make abies so happy, happy.

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