Protecting my babies
September 20, 2008
September 21, 2008

There is all kinds of mommies some that work outside the home to help provide for the family.Then some that stay home and take care of the little ones she has,and then you have those that take care of others babies like we do,we help other mommies out by taking care of their babies.We feed,diaper,bathe,coddle,cuddle,dress shop,play and do whatever needs to be done to make sure these babies are well taken care of.We do this because we enjoy being mommies and we love our babies dearly.Come and tell us what kind of mommy you like.



  1. […] you love it when mommy humiliates you in front of her friends. She dresses you in a pink little dress and waits tell you wet your […]

  2. […] is your deepest phone sex fantasy? Do you love to put a diaper on and then abdl masturbate? The feeling of the abdl diaper on your […]

  3. […] you dream of Mommy forcing you to wear Diapers? You want age regression so badly but where to find a hot sexy mommy to forced diaper wearing on you. Look no more honey. […]

  4. […] many Mommys love to humiliate their adult babies? Nothing better then taking baby for a walk in her stroller to the park and changing her diaper in […]

  5. […] for a loving and caring mommy to take care of you? Look no more, give me a call and lets have some fun playing. I love to cuddle, […]

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