Sexed Up Sex Ed Teacher
November 26, 2007
Oh Christmas Tree
November 26, 2007

betsy.jpg  I had such a fun call today with one of the other Mommies, it was soooooooooooooooo fun *giggle* Mommy got to diaper me, and feed me, while I little brother got to spank me, because I was a very very bad little girl *giggle*.  What Mommy and my brother do not know is that I was bad on purpose so I could get that spanking *laughs*.  That’s right, I can be such a bad little girl, but I have the cutest pout so sometimes I get away with a lot of stuff *giggles* I will talk to you laters, I have another call with the same Mommy, gosh, I hope she doesn’t read this before we get on the phone or UT OH *giggles*


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