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April 24, 2018
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Mommy Candy Loves Breastfeeding

Mommy’s baby boy loves these


Are you longing to become a adult baby phone sex boy/girl? Do you need Mommy Candy’s loving arms around you, making you feel safe and loved. Mommy will have you dressed in the cutest baby clothes and you will be so spoiled with so many toys that you and her will play with.

The best thing of all you will have mommy’s breast milk to keep you nourished. Adult Breastfeeding is my favorite thing to do with my baby’s, it makes mommy feel so naughty that she has to slip her hand down baby’s diaper. Is that little pee pee getting hard for mommy? Mommy loves making baby cum on her hand and all over baby’s diaper. Such a bad mommy or am I? Call me for some naughty abdl breastfeeding phone sex.




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