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October 4, 2008
Mommy Loves Halloween Time
October 5, 2008

I love being a mommy there is nothing else like it when you have a little one to change their wet or messy diaper,bathe,powder and lotion them up.Dress them and then we take off to the park and i sit on the park bench while you play in the sandbox,smile tenderly while you throw the sand up in the air and it comes down on your head into your hair.listening at you laughing warms my heart because i know you are a happy baby. Watching those legs try to run fast to catch the ducks but they are too fast for you my little one.I take and pick the baby up and coo in his ear that is ok that the ducks ran away while wiping the sandy tears from your face.Then off we go back home to get you changed and cleaned up all over again.


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