Dirty Granny
October 4, 2007
Baby Blankies
October 4, 2007

mommy-liz.jpg I had a different type of call the other night.  I actually kidnapped a guy, put him in my trunk and drove him out to the middle of nowhere.  I had his arms bound and because he was talking WAY too much, he had a gag promptly placed in him jabber mouth lol.  But you see, it wasn’t only me in on it, it was a few ladies from the neighborhood and some others.  We told him from the start that he was no longer a man, but he was going to be OUR baby, and would never ever be allowed to leave.  We made him into our little slave, he was allowed to worship certain parts of our bodies, which he protested about lol.  But that didn’t matter to us.  It was such a great call, and I wanted to share it with you all :).

Lovin’ you all.

Mommy Liz

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