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November 1, 2007
November 2, 2007
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I know I didn’t post last week sorry abies but I was house sitting for a friend. While I was there I had this dream. Now the house I was sitting was a fairly big house huge kitchen with plenty of counter space and 3 bedrooms.  In my dream I had turn 1 bedroom into a nursery with pretty pink walls and a big toy bin full of toys that you would just love.  I turn the 2nd bedroom into a naughty baby room full of paddles and a midieval bondage type table and well everything I could possibly need for any naughty baby who needs to be punished. Now I know this real isnt my style but like I said it was a dream and I feel like sharing it with all of you. Back to the dream. My friend’s brother had stoped by to check on me and the house. As we were talk I noticed his pants were bulging is such a way as a toddler who had wet his pants would. I didn’t say anything then but he came back over the next day and I offered to make him dinner. While we were eating dinner I couldn’t help myself. I slid off the from my right foot and gently placed my foot in James’ lap. I was right! He was wearing a diaper! He looked at me in disbelief and as he wiggled a bit he managed to stutter a simple “What are you doing?”  “What is that James? A diaper?” I questioned.  He began to shovle food into his mouth as if a full mouth was going to keep me from getting my answer. My foot still in his lap I noticed his diaper getting tighter. hmm I exclaimed. Whats going on in that diaper? He responded just as a baby would…with the cutest “I dunno” I had ever heard.  I new he was embarassed but all the same I still asked,”Do you need me to change your diaper?” As he turned beat red I told him if wanted to sit in that dirty wet diaper he may. So long as he does it strapped to my table of “doom”. For some odd reason he went willingly to bedroom #2 where i straped him in face down. Now this is one of those tables where everything is adjustable. So as he lay tied flat on his belly on the table of doom so that the table is now folded in half and his hand are now by his feet, bent over in the perfect spanking position. I take out my handy sissors and cut off his pants and diaper. Now I know I lied but I can not administer a good spanking with a thick diaper covering my target. I ran my hand down James’ inner thigh. I noticed he was sticky from sitting in his naughty dirty diaper. I sing a little song to play with his head. “Which paddle should I choose red, orange or blue. Oh, Which paddle should I choose engraved, spiked or smooth.” I noticed a small tear running down his face. I licked it off and gave him a soft kiss. “Your a closet diaper boy aren’t you?” I asked in a sexy but wicked voice. “Yes” he cried out. “Please Please don’t tell.” he begged. “Well that all depends on your obedience tonight.” I told him. I picked up the engraved, orange painted wood paddle. “Sissy” is it’s engraving. I spanked him once on each cheek leaving the word sissy on both sides of his bum. “You are offically my sissy so now I need to find a name for you.” I Glared. “Jessica, Thats your new name. You will be my Jessica and if you even think of uttering the name James I will leave more than just the word sissy on your bottom.” He replyed with a simple “yes ma’am.” I spanked his bottom a few more times this time with the smooth paddle just to be sure hiss butt was nice and red. Then deciding I wanted Jessica to play dress up I removed the shakles and in a voice that I am sure sounded erie to him I said “follow me to the nursery.”  With no response he quietly followed me to the nursery. ok now be a good girl jessie and lay down on the floor so you can be diapered. Still I received no verbal response but all the same my demand was met.  Now with fresh powder and a clean diaper on her bum baby jessica was ready to play dress up. I layed out a few pretty pink frilly outfits and I allowed Jessie to pick. Like a good girl trying to avoid the paddle Jessica picked up the most pretty pink dress out of the lot of them. I helped her put it on over her head and spun her around so I could zip her up. Once zipped I ran my hand down the entire front of her dress pressing firmly against Jessica’s diaper. I felt I thick bluge and this time it wans’t pee pee filling up her diaper. As I continued to rub the front of her diaper firmly I noticed Jessica’s legs begin to shake so I stopped. With a look that almost showed disappointment she asked me if she could go to the bathroom. I told her “no your are not allowed to make any special messys tonight that is for another time.”

Ok I know I’m cutting this off in sort of a teasing fashion but that’s the whole point. Now there is some suspense. Don’t worry next week I will finsh the story and I will even add some jucie details.

Hugs and Kisses,


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