July 7, 2007
Summer time picnic
July 7, 2007
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Today, is none other then MIKEY’s Birthday! Sooooooooooo Happy Birthday Mikey!!  *cheers and clapping in the back* birthday.jpg Look, I made cupcakes, and because July 4th was Rach’s Birthday as well, I made enough for her as well! *more cheers and clapping*.  Go on babies eat up, get that frosting all over your face, laugh, smile, sing songs, play pin the tail on the unfortunate party coordinator!  YAY!  birthday-two.jpg  And all those that work for Phone A Mommy, stay AWAY from the cupcakes, I can’t tell you why here, but I will in secret, stick with the cake. *sly wink*.  Anyway Happy Birthday to you both!


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