Want to change granny?
October 11, 2007
angelic abies
October 11, 2007

mommy-liz.jpg  I love playing the role of a pissed off Wife who has no option then to put her husband in his place by making him into a sissy!  He comes home from work, looking all smug and like he owns the place, only to find that I am waiting at the top of the stairs, hands on hips ready to ‘remind’ him of all the chores that he has not done but has promised to do.  What is a woman to do? Why, turn her lazy husband into a sissy house maid that’s what.  Explain to him that if he doesn’t do what he is told, I will take my money, and my sweet little self right out that door leaving him penniless and eventually homeless since he would never be able to afford this glorious house on his own.  What choice would he have, excuse me, SHE have? None! I do so enjoy having him as my sissy maid, and the best part is when I invite over a ‘daddy’ for her to play with.  WOOT!  Happiness for me! lol.

Mommy Liz

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