Here Cums the Choo-Choo
March 24, 2018
Playing in Messy Diapers!!
April 1, 2018

I walk into the Abdl Nursery to grab her diaper bag and walk her to the car and have her get in the back and buckle her in. “ Now when we get to the mall, you are no longer aloud to walk and you have to ask out loud for everything and repeat whatever I make you say! Do you understand me?” I said to her and she replies “ yes Mistress”. We pull into the  parking lot and I take your hands and place some Locking Abdl Mittens on you’re hands and locking footies Aww Is the sissy baby going to cry? Here open your mouth and lets just pop this binky right in there!  I connect the pink strap to have that binky hooked onto your dress! We are going inside the mall and you’re so embarrassed and everyone is looking at you, and you just start sobbing! I look at you and say, “ I want you to say that I am a sissy baby that obey’s her Mistress!” Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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