Cloth anyone?
October 24, 2007
Never fear ’cause Mommy Lauren’s here
October 26, 2007

katie.jpgLook at me in my diaper!  Ohhh, Daddy, it feels soooo soft and the big thick diaper bulge between my legs makes me gotta spread them a little when I crawl around.  Brother made baby sissy katie crawl around so I could have my paci back but it ok cuz we like to play together in our diapers sometimes too.  It feels so good but Daddy says I gotta be potty trained.  But I keep waking up in a wet diaper, wahhhh Daddy, change me?  My diapee is wet and I need a nice fresh clean diaper, it so comfy and cute in my little pink plastic panties. 
Call me Daddy, I need a change!

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