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July 25, 2007
Dream Nursey
July 26, 2007
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Well hasn’t this been an interesting week for us all! It see’s that you and I have become much better aquainted. Why do you find it amazing that you can actually feel my touch, or smell my perfume when we speak? I can feel your wet warm diapys when you sit on my lap. I feel the cool wetness of the wipes on the cute little bottom of yours. I hear the hard breathing in your chest as you behave by doing everything I tell you to do! I am hard at work making some of those diaper covers with my new sewing machine, so far I have made ones with motorcycles on them and one with lipstick kisses! I even used my own lips to create the design! Maybe if you are a good little boy I will make one just of you. My next creation is a diaper that has a flap in the back, just like the p.j’s to spank the hiney’s of those of you who haven’t  been so good!

Wish me luck

Hugs & kisses

Mommy Sue

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