School Nurse Play
October 17, 2007
Strap On Play With a Sexy GILF
October 17, 2007

stella.jpg  WANTED: One bad little boy or girl (I like to play with them both *wink*) to worship and adore this Mommy.  Will require complete and utter obedience, and if that is not given, then a punishment will ensue.  I don’t care about age or sex of the person applying, but I do care about what I want.  Your duties would include but not be limited to the following:

1. Wake up spanking, which Mommy will give within the first 5 minutes of you getting out of bed
2. Bathe Mommy

3. Do what Mommy says at ALL times

4. Fix Mommies Meals

5. Before Nap Time Spanking

6. Have to wear Diapers at all times, these will be locked on

7. Cuckold Play

8.  Worship and Adore Me always

If you feel up to the challenge, then call me, I’ll be waiting for you to climb over my knee for a spanking interview lol.


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