Tea Party Time!
February 26, 2009
February 27, 2009


“What are you doing wearing Mommy’s panties?” I shouted. “Do you want to be a little girl?” “I know how to deal with boys who wear panties!!” I take you over my knee and spank you HARD, still wearing Mommy’s panties, and you are soon crying uncontrollably. “So you are a cry baby as well.” As the spanking ends I tell you to put your own clothing back on and go to your room. Sitting on your bed still sniffling as I walk in. “Since you can’t act like a big boy, I am going to treat you as you deserve!!”. Diaper bag and rubber pants in hand. You realize that I mean to put them on you, you started crying all over again. *giggles*

Mean Mommy Lexus

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