Diaper me
November 15, 2007
Just Saying Hello
November 16, 2007

ava.jpg  Is it just me, or is it cold outside all of a sudden? My friend was trying to take a picture of me and the wind kicked up and blew my hair all over the place, I mean, just look at me lol.  I may have to borrow Savannah’s duct tape to correct it.  I think I look pretty silly with my hair sticking up like this, but oh well. How many of you actually like the cold weather? I would much rather it be spring, the smell of fresh blooming flowers filing the air, then bare trees and frost.  The best thing about the cold weather though, is that it’s perfect cuddle weather. There is nothing better then climbing up onto Mommy’s lad and doing a really good snuggle!  So who here today is going to call me and help warm me up? I am very cold so that means I will need a lot of little one’s to call to help keep me warm.


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