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July 7, 2007

Summer time picnic

 I went on a picnic yesterday.  It was so lovely outside.  At the park where we were at, there were a lot of families.  I couldn’t help but think of all the abies and sissies here at Phone A Mommy *smiles*.  I kept thinking how lovely it would be to have a day long Phone A Mommy picnic with everyone that comes to our site.  We could have games, diaper changing stations, a lot of food.  I think it would be a great time for all, of course, we cannot do that because of distance and safety reasons, but it is nice to think about….. Mommy Lizabeth
July 7, 2007


Today, is none other then MIKEY’s Birthday! Sooooooooooo Happy Birthday Mikey!!  *cheers and clapping in the back* Look, I made cupcakes, and because July 4th was Rach’s Birthday as well, I made enough for her as well! *more cheers and clapping*.  Go on babies eat up, get that frosting all over your face, laugh, smile, sing songs, play pin the tail on the unfortunate party coordinator!  YAY!    And all those that work for Phone A Mommy, stay AWAY from the cupcakes, I can’t tell you why here, but I will in secret, stick with the cake. *sly wink*.  Anyway Happy Birthday to you both! Stacie
July 7, 2007


I think that I might go to the beach today.  I enjoy going to sit on my blanket, under my beach umbrella and watching the people.  Everyone is having such a good time, laughing, sunning themselves, playing with their children, eating food that always manages to get sand in it.  That would be the only thing I do not like about the beach, the sand, it follows you around for years after.  I remember when I was little.  My mom and dad would always make us take our flip flops down to the water and rise them off as well as our feet.  I never understood this, because if you put flip flops on to walk back to the car, then you are flicking up all that sand on to the back of your calf.  So instead of being sand free for the car ride home my mom would look at us and say something like…How in the WORLD did you get all that sand on you? Didn’t you rinse off like your Father and I told you?  Of course, we would all just look at each other wondering why my Mom just couldn’t see the connection between the sand caked on the back of our legs and the flip flops.  Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic day, and if you see me down […]
July 6, 2007

Phone Nanny Ella When Mommy’s Had Enough

Nanny Ella is here to discipline and train naughty little ones that just give their Mommy a hard time. If you are making trouble I will set you straight no matter what it takes. Forced diapering and infantilism, enemas, spankings, sissification–I will go to any extreme to break you and YOU WILL BE GOOD for Nanny. In the end it is worth the effort to behave because Nanny Ella takes special care of sweet little ones and even though you have to be good, I can get as naughty as I like. Your Naughty Nanny Ella Call now for Naughty Nanny Phone Sex Role Play 1-888-430-2010 $1.99/minute, 10 minute minimum 18+ Billed as Madison Enterprise
July 5, 2007

Naughty, Naughty

*wink wink* Hi to all my lil lovies out there in baby land. I had a wonderful fourth of july. You guys havn’t seen me for a couple of days cause I was spending time with my fam. But now I’m ready to get down to some dirty buisness *heehee*. Only the good kind you know. For those of you that might me new and reading about us for the first time let me tell you, here at PhoneaMommy, we lots of fun! I am ever so happy that I met Mommy Maddy and the rest of the girls here. There is a mommy, granny or sitter to fill whatever need or fantasy you might have. Such a variety! We even have diaper girls. And my specialty you ask? Well, I am a spoiler, and I just love powder room time with my special lil ones. I am also a diaper lover my self. I have been into wearing for several years now and I like to switch things up and be diapered sometimes too. But if I have a naughty lil one, I am not above giving a good spanking if needed. With a loving hand of couse, and maybe a good lecture about what they’ve done wrong. If this gets your diaper all hot, well then what are you waiting for! Give Mommy […]
June 29, 2007


Hello to all my beautiful, special lil ones. Schools out for summer! And Janeys ready to play! I have had alot of good calls this week. And I even learned something new. One of the babies that I babysit for loves cloth diappys. And we had a wonderful time playing together the other night. And do you know what he told me!! That along time ago when cloth diapers was all the mommys had, they used to use a bar of soap to stick their diaper pins in. Not only to keep them all together, but to keep them sharp and slippery enough to go through all the layers of cloth. How smart is that! Mommies are so cool. But I learn alot from all the Abies too. Well I plan to be around alot this weekend so don’t forget to call me. And it wouldn’t hurt you to come by chat and say HI. hehee
June 28, 2007

Forced Babying for My Boyfriend

Men are made, not born. Not all men become men equally. Not all men act like men. Here’s the story (this happened a couple of years ago): My boyfriend was annoying me. He wasn’t taking me out, he wasn’t pulling his weight. I came home from a job taking care of a very good, passive little one. I knew my bf had the day off, so I had left a little list for him of things that needed doing around the house. I got home and nothing was done. He was playing video games and the house was a mess. The last straw, you could say. To make a long story short, I had enough, and I had an idea. I told him if he couldn’t act like a man, I would no longer treat him like a man, that I would treat him like the child he was acting like. I will save the thrilling details because I don’t diaper and tell, at least not in such a public forum, but let’s just say he took well to the role. Care to hear more? It would be my pleasure to tell you. Your Naughty Nanny Ella Call now for Naughty Nanny Phone Sex Role Play 1-888-430-2010 $1.99/minute, 10 minute minimum 18+ Billed as Madison Enterprise
June 27, 2007

Movin on

So, things didn’t turn out as expected with that Abie I meet at the group playdate. No biggie, I still have all my beautiful abie boys here at phoneamommy. And you guys keep me more than busy ;). Other than that I’ve been looking into purchasing some more sissy clothes. I only have a few outfits and I need to keep some more on hand. I’m not sure where I’m gonna purchase from yet so I’m open to some suggestions when you guys call or see me in chat. Loving u always, your mommy Josie.
June 24, 2007

diaper forced

 After I posted this Rach asked me what is was. I wanted to say it is just a mush of a thought that I had early this morning.   “But Mommy, I am a big boy” he cried as the puddle under his wet briefs grew. Again he had slept through the night without waking to potty. A grown man of twenty-seven that just recently started having bed accidents again. When they first started I told him I wasn’t cleaning it up, as I wasn’t his mother.     One night after a few drinks he revealed that he had had his heart set on just that. It was an idea, a fantasy from back when he was in puberty. He craved forced diapering and A strong mommy figure. As the years went by that image of mommy standing over his wet bed sheets and scolding him.           “Act like a little baby, get treated like a little baby, its diapers for you young man” she would say shaking her finger at him.     “But Mommy I am a big boy” he cried he cried as the puddle under his briefs grew. Mommy shakes her head no and points to the layer of diapers in her hand. He knows that it is no use; he is under Mommy’s law. Slowly he walks into […]
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