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January 23, 2018
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January 28, 2018
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ABDL Mommy Time

What’s the matter my big ol adult baby phone sex lover? Is your tummy hurting? Aww you drank that ba ba way too fast didn’t you? Come here and let mommy rub your tummy to make that belly ache go away. Mommy is going to pick you up and craddle you in her arms. Aww let me sit in the rocking chair and rock you in my lap maybe that will help your tum tum. I love when my little adult baby is cuddled up all in my lap. Mommy is going to sing you a nursery rhyme while I rock you to sleep then when you wake up you can play with mommy! Mommy needs to check your diaper real quick before I lay you down. Here we go sweety mommy is going to slide her hand back there. Uh oh i feel a little wetness! It’s diaper changing phone sex time!

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