Dominated By Dr. Tawny Phone Sex
January 5, 2018
Brenda’s Spanking Video
January 14, 2018

How much does a phone sex adult baby like you love your diapee’s? I bet it’s a whole bunch!  You know you love everything about your adult diapees, especially the crinkly noise they make, and how thick they are in between your thighs. In fact, they are so thick that when you have them on, you aren’t even able to waddle in them! You have to stay on your hands and knees just like a baby should, crawling in front of every one with your diapered bottom stuck up in the air. Does thinking about that embarrass you, make you blush till your whole face feels hot? Does it get you excited, make your baby peepee get hard and start to ache? Well, you know that a good abdl Mommy always does what she can to make her baby happy…why don’t you call me so that I can tell you what I would to make you feel so much better.



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