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May 17, 2007
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May 22, 2007
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2 mommies one abie

  This weekend was a good one. I kicked it off Friday doing a two Mommy call with Mommy Josie . We had a little one who was testing the Mommies limits and had to endure some diaper punishment. It was nice getting to work closely with another Phonemommy.

    I also got to do a few spanking calls besides just that one. It seems a lot of the abies have been bad. That’s fine because I am always ready to take care of that. If you were a good little adult baby this weekend you got my sweet side when you called. I read some stories and tucked a few of you in.

    On weekends when I don’t get much palytime with my diapered babied hubby you babies really know how to make me feel needed. I think Phoneamommy has the best babies around honestly. Then when that wild crew gets together in the chat room there is never a dull moment.



Mommy Scarlet

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