August 14, 2007
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August 25, 2007
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     I am coming up on my first year anniversary of becoming a Phoneamommy.In some ways it feels like wow a year has flown by already? Then in some ways I like I can’t believe I have only known you all a year.  I hope this time next year I will be saying what I am now-What a great year it has been.

     Let’s see what Mommy has been up to. Well I got to do some special sissy shopping. Spent some time in chat with the abies and ladies and the other *S* Girls. Worked on some things for the newsletter and

I watched the rain. I went out to play in the rain a little bit too. Sometimes Mommy likes to be in touch with her inner baby girl too J don’t get any ideas though, Mommy is still able to keep you in line, playful or not.

Hugs, Kisses, and sweet dreams-(it is late as I am writing this),

Mommy Scarlet

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